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KIS Group – with 22 branches in Norway and six in the Netherlands – is active in the field of hoisting and lifting technology for industry, shipping, the offshore sector and fish farming.

In the Netherlands, the KIS Group includes Primoteq, Bijlsma Hoisting and Lifting Technology, and Bijlsma Projects. Together they currently have some 400 active employees. In addition to repairing, replacing, performing maintenance and inspecting hoisting and lifting equipment, the KIS employees help you train your own staff in using specific hoisting and lifting tools.

In other words, together with KIS you raise the solutions tailored to your needs to the next level. Click the companies below for specific information.


Primoteq – with about 100 employees – is a leading service company for production resources in the (manufacturing) industry and is specialised in hoisting and lifting technology, metalworking technology, and laser cutting technology. Smart maintenance planning is the basic principle, with the aim of realising the lowest integral production costs and maximum availability of resources.

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Bijlsma Hoisting and Lifting Technology

Bijlsma Hoisting and Lifting Technology is a specialist service provider in Joure and Zwolle with more than 40 employees. The company’s activities include performing maintenance, repairing, inspecting, testing and certifying lift slings and cranes. Additionally, Bijlsma is active in hiring out hoisting equipment. 

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Bijlsma Projects

Bijlsma Projects is a well-established name in crane construction. The company is specialised in designing, engineering and building both standard and custom-made cranes and hoisting tools.

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(v/h Primoteq BV)

Rotterdam, Hengelo, Nederweert, Geleen
Granaatstraat 25
7554 TN Hengelo (O)
Tel: 074 240 38 00
(v/h Bijlsma Hijs- en Heftechniek BV)

Joure, Zwolle
De Wielen 1
8502 TK Joure
Tel: 0513 481 122
(v/h Bijlsma Hijs- en Heftechniek Projecten BV)

De Wielen 1
8502 TK Joure
Tel: 0513 481 122